Sep 30 2013

Consumers Credit Union Ready to Help in the Event of Furloughs

Steve Owens, Vice President of Lending

Steve Owens, Vice President of Lending

Time is running out for Congress to prevent a shutdown of the federal government, as final action must be taken by midnight tonight.

In the event of a shutdown, many federal employees would find themselves furloughed without pay. Should that happen, Consumers Credit Union assures members who work for the government that we will work with them on any loan payments should there be a delay.

Steve Owens, Vice President of Lending, says, “It’s important that we support those who choose to serve our country on a daily basis as members of our military or public servants. In this time of uncertainty, we want to ease their worry as much as we can.”

Members affected in the event of a government shutdown are encouraged to contact Consumers for more information at 800.991.2221.

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