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Girls on the Run is so much fun!

Last week we wrapped up our 2013 Girls on the Run season with another unforgettable celebration. 2,200 third through fifth grade girls from across Southwest Michigan participated in the 5K event alongside another almost 2,000 coaches, volunteers, Read More

Girls on the Run 10

Bringing a Smile to Many Faces

Weeks 9 & 10 of Girls on the Run Last week the girls finalized what their community service project would be. They brainstormed possible ideas and then decided as a team how they could serve their community. Our team decided to do something Read More

Choose Wisely

Week 7 & 8 of Girls on the Run Last week we explored the qualities to look for in our friends. We also identified some difficult situations that many young girls face within friendships and why it is important to be intentional about our Read More

Stand Up for Yourself

Week 6 of Girls on the Run Teaching the girls skills to help them stand up for themselves and what they believe was the focus of this week’s lesson. At the beginning of practice, the girls participated in a team building exercise that required Read More

Choose Your Responses Carefully

This week we discussed peer pressure and shared examples of when we might be influenced by our peers. Some great examples were brought up and I quickly realized just how often these girls are put into similar situations. At this age, there seems to Read More

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

  Week 4 of Girls on the Run This week we discussed body image and what it means to be comfortable in your own skin. The girls partnered up to trace the outline of their bodies and then wrote some positive examples of what they thought of Read More

Being Emotional is Healthy

Week 3 of Girls on the Run: Yesterday the girls were asked what it means to be emotionally healthy and the importance of that. Some great responses were "to talk about it" and "you shouldn't bottle it all in". They each enjoyed showing emotions Read More

Guilty of Negative Self Talk

Week 2 of Girls on the Run and yesterday we chatted about negative self talk. After going around the circle and hearing each young girl say one negative thing they might say about themselves, it made you really think about how often we all get Read More

Plug in Your Positive Cord

Yesterday marks my third year of assistant coaching the fabulous Girls on the Run program. Fourteen loud and very excited third through fifth grade girls filled the room, a hand full I already knew from years previous. Our lesson began with having Read More