Feb 1 2013

Your Tax Forms Available in Online Banking

We know few people enjoy preparing their tax returns, which is why Consumers is making it a little bit easier for you to gather all of the documentation you need to get them done by making your 1099s and 1098s available to you in Online Banking.

You will receive these forms by mail, as well, but if you want to get a head start on your taxes, simply log into online banking and hover your cursor over the “Alerts & Statements” tab at the top. Then select the third option down—“eStatements/Tax Forms.” Make sure your pop up blocker is disabled, as this will open in a new tab or window. If you select eStatements from our mobile site, you will be rerouted to our full website.

Online Banking Tax Forms

If you earned more than $10 of interest in 2012, you will have a 1099.

If you paid more than $600 of interest on a real estate secured loan (a mortgage or home equity loan), you will have a 1098. If you paid PMI as part of your mortgage payment, you will find that amount reported on your 1098, as Congress extended the tax deduction for mortgage insurance premiums that had expired in 2011.

Not sure what you earned or paid in interest in 2012, and don’t see either of these forms? You can verify that your totals were below these limits by checking your December 2012 statement, a link to which appears right in that window as well.


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