Jan 13 2014

Your Guide to Your New Consumers Credit Card

Black Credit Card - enlargedConsumers Credit Union is proud to bring you a new level of service with our exclusive MasterCard Credit Cards. We’ve deepened our relationship with MasterCard to bring you a card that lets you make purchases safely and conveniently, while enjoying added security and benefits.

In January of 2014, Consumers members with an existing Visa Platinum or MasterCard Gold credit card will receive a new enhanced MasterCard. Your new card combines Consumers’ local, superior service with MasterCard’s worldwide acceptance. You’ll also benefit from “zero liability” protection for unauthorized purchases, extended warranty, price protection, identity theft resolution, and 24/7 online account access. You can even earn rewards! Visit ConsumersCU.org/Loans/CreditCardholderBenefits for details.

We’ve put together the following FAQs to guide you through this transition. As always, our team is here to help! Please call us anytime at 800.991.2221 or visit any one of our 14 offices for assistance.

Blue Credit Card - enlargedQ: What do I need to do when I receive my new credit card?

A: Simply destroy your old credit card and call 800.527.7728 to activate your new card. Update any recurring payments or charges from merchants or other financial instutions that are tied to your old credit card.

Q: Why do I see duplicate credit cards in Online Banking?

A: In January, you may see duplicate credit cards in Online Banking. While you can use either card through late January, we recommend you activate your new card as soon as you receive it in mid-January and destroy your old card at that time. After late January, your old card will no longer work. If you are a business credit cardholder, you will receive your new card in early February.

Q: How do I see my new credit card in the credit card Online Banking site?

A: Once you click on your new card in Online Banking, if you don’t see it on the following page, please click on Add a Card, then enter your full card number and your name as it appears on your card. Then click Submit.

Q: If I want to make a payment in online banking, which card should I transfer the funds to?

A: Please activate your new card as soon as you receive it, and begin to use the new card for all payments and charges.

Q: Will my credit card number or 4-digit PIN change?

A: You will receive a new credit card number but your 4-digit PIN will remain the same.

Q: If I have a recurring payment, will it automatically transfer to my new card?

A: If your recurring payment was initiated by Consumers Credit Union, it will automatically be transferred to your new credit card. Examples of this include credit card payments from a Consumers deposit account, an automatic transfer from a deposit account at another institution initiated through Consumers, or a Bill Payment to your credit card set up through your Consumers Online Banking account. If your payment was initiated outside of Consumers Credit Union, you will need to update these payments to reflect your new card number.

Q: If I have recurring charges set up to my existing credit card, will these charges transfer to my new credit card account? An example of a recurring charge would be a monthly utility bill that automatically charges your credit card when the bill is due.

A: No. These charges will not transfer to the new credit card that you will receive in January. You will need to update all recurring charges to reflect your new card information.

Q: What will happen to my old credit card?

A: Within approximately one  to two weeks of receiving your new card, your old card will automatically close and transactions will no longer process. It is very important that you update your credit card information with any institution that may have it on file, such as phone, utility, or internet providers.


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