Apr 7 2014

Your Financial To-Dos


Antwan B., joined 1996

Consumers Credit Union wants you to find financial success—without the stress. That’s why we’re bringing you our monthly list of financial to-dos. Just complete these tasks to stay on top of your finances all year long.

April: File your taxes (if you haven’t already).

Don’t forget that Consumers members can take advantage of a discount on TurboTax federal products! Visit ConsumersCU.org/MemberBenefits/Discounts.

May: Plan your home maintenance and repairs.

If you need to replace your roof, have been meaning to improve your home’s energy efficiency, or want to add a deck for summer fun, now’s the time to explore your financing options and set your budget.

June: Time for a summer getaway!

If you haven’t already made your vacation plans, keep an eye out for last minute deals—and make sure your car is in shape for your road trip!

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