Sep 10 2012

With Online Banking, I can get it all done in one place.

Steve B., Joined 2007

Member and small business owner, Steve B., shares with us how electronic banking has made life easier – enabling him to be worry-free while running  a successful architectural company.

“Online banking has been awesome,” explains Steve. “It’s the ease, simplicity, and flexibility (of the service.) It saves me money in stamps. It saves me time.” Steve uses a full range of products at Consumers Credit Union – including an array of business services – and he loves doing his business online.

“All aspects of my banking are taken care of – whether it’s sending out bills, transferring from one account to another, or accessing lines-of-credit. I can get it all done in one place – one website – instantaneously,” he says.

While Steve loves convenience, loyalty and local presence are what sold him on Consumers. “I appreciate dealing with someone local in my community. The people who work here are the people who live here. They give me advice. They help me get from point A to point B.”

As an architect, Steve is constantly looking for ways to grow his business and achieve personal and professional success. “Giving me the tools to succeed has been huge,” he adds. And having been a bank customer, his perceptions as a credit union member are entirely different. “I make suggestions and they are implemented. I talk to the people and they listen. I’ve never had any problems or issues, and, having “non-issues” in life is a great thing! “

Friendly…ease of accessibility…great rates…simplicity. ~ Steve B., Joined 2007

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