Nov 1 2013

They Know Who I Am

Karon K., joined 2011

Karon K., joined 2011

When Karon sold her home in Nevada and moved to Holland, she was looking for a better return on her money from a financial institution with a small town feel. She found it at Consumers. “When I went to Consumers, they took care of me and explained everything to me. There has never been an issue.”

Karon enjoys the welcome she’s received moving to West Michigan, where even strangers say hello on the street. At Consumers, she adds, “I walk in the door, and they say, ‘Hello, Karon.’ They know who I am. It gets me warm and fuzzy.”

She has moved all of her accounts to Consumers and loves the convenience of her debit card. She says, “I just swipe it, put in my PIN, and take off. My daughter insisted that I use my card instead of writing so many checks, and it works well.”

“I have one hundred percent confidence in Consumers,” Karon adds. “It’s a piece of cake.”

We’re proud to be part of the West Michigan community and celebrate what makes this area such a great place to call home. As a member of our Consumers family, you can take advantage of discounts on local fun, including K-Wings games and WMU theatre and sporting events. Visit to learn more.

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