Apr 4 2012

Theresa R. Starts A Family Tradition

Member Theresa R., Joined 2002

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From kids to graduation…and starting her own business…to becoming a motivational speaker: Changing needs have made Consumers the perfect fit for Theresa and her family.

Member Theresa R. started her home health care business about ten years ago. She’s also a registered nurse, life coach, motivational speaker, and busy mom of four. “I’ve had some rough patches,” she admits, “but Consumers has always had my back financially.”

Her finances are what keep her family with the necessities of life. “I would not entrust just anyone with that job,” she says. The same concept holds true for her children. Theresa would not entrust her children to strangers, nor their inheritance, finances, or future to just anyone.

And while some members enjoy using the drive thru to save time, Theresa wouldn’t dream of it. She prefers to come in and see her friendsher family...at Consumers.

When Theresa first walked through the doors of the West Main Office in 2002, she was starting one of her businesses. “I didn’t get the loan at the time, but I did get solid financial advice.” After working with Consumers the loans came – along with an understanding of the importance of good credit – which has developed into a long-term relationship built on mutual trust.

Today, Theresa is an industrious businesswoman with a thriving home health care business serving mainly catastrophic, quadriplegic, paraplegic, and elderly clients with wide ranging medical needs. Her caregivers allow clients the opportunity to remain in their homes and let family be family (not caregivers.)

Theresa also believes Consumers prepared her for the recent recession and feels lucky she wasn’t one of the ones running for cover; adding, “It’s not just a bank where you put your money – you get advice on how to have your money work for you.”

All her personal and business banking needs are met through Consumers – checking, CDs, car loans, business loans, her mortgage, and even the kids’ CDs. Today, her 18-year old son is away at college and buying a duplex. He’s made investments. He’s light years ahead of others his age.

“He started saving with a $5 kids’ account and eventually worked up to a $100 youth CD,” she says. “Consumers taught him about banking.” Now, Theresa is introducing her youngest child (age four) to the benefits of banking at Consumers. The family tradition continues.

…You get advice on how to have your money work for you.

~ Theresa R.

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