May 10 2013

The Money Lessons You’ve Learned from Mom

Angie M. and family, joined 2011

Angie M. and family, joined 2011

This Mother’s Day weekend, we’d like to recognize our moms and the fact that they’ve quite probably been the biggest influence in helping us grow into the people we are today.

Earlier this week on our Facebook page, we asked you what money lessons you’d learned from your moms. You responded with a wealth of great advice. Of course, we’re not surprised. Our members are financially savvy, and all of that knowledge had to come from somewhere! Here’s a small sample of what your moms have shared over the years.

They taught us practical lessons:

From David B.—“Keep your checkbook balanced.”

And philosophical ones:

From Kimberly L.—“Money can’t buy happiness.”

The value of hard work:

From Chelsea F.—“She helped me get my first job when I was 15 so I could earn my own money.”

And of saving:

From Lateefah M.—“Save, save, save, and you’ll never be broke.”

How to stretch a dollar:

From Toni E.—“Always look for what is on sale and make sure if you have a coupon to match, use it!”

And how to avoid overspending:

From Tina C.—“Just because you have checks doesn’t mean you have money.”

Even what mistakes we shouldn’t repeat:

From Lauren S.—“My mom was awful with money. She taught me through example what not to do. I learned how important it was to maintain a budget so you don’t run out of money….I have the best mom ever.”

A very happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the moms in our Consumers family!

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