Jun 14 2013

The Best Advice You’ve Learned from Dad

Aaron A. and Family, joined 2011

Aaron A. and Family, joined 2011

This Father’s Day weekend, we’d like to recognize our dads and the valuable lessons they have taught us over the years. They’ve helped to shape the people we’ve become in so many ways.

Earlier this week on our Facebook page, we asked you for the best advice your dads have shared with you over the years. You responded with a range of excellent tips—some serious, some sweet, some humorous, and all wise.

Here is a small sample of the many lessons you’ve learned from your dads:


They taught us practical tips for daily life:

From Joe B. – Eat your oatmeal.

And the value of hard work:

From Jessica C. – Anything worth doing is worth doing well!

How to handle the money we made:

From Angie C. – Live within your means!

And to believe in ourselves:

From Jocelyn J. – You have no control over where you come from, but you always have control over where you’re headed.

They showed us how to drive a car:

From Mary P. – My dad taught me how to drive a stick shift. I had to get the car rolling without ever touching the gas, because “that will make sure you have a smooth start.” He was right.

And how to be parents ourselves:  

From Deanne F. – My Dad has always been very involved in his kids’ activities, so I try to do the same.

To be careful:

From Becky T. – Look both ways before you cross the street…that comes in handy all the time.

And how to really live:

From Trisha B. – Make the most of what you have! Don’t waste time wishing times were easier.

They didn’t even have to use words:

From Karen K. – My Dad did not give advice. He showed me how to live my life by example.

A very happy Father’s Day weekend to all the dads in our Consumers family!

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