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Consumers Friday Focus – Money is NOT Scary

Today's Friday Focus was written by guest blogger Lynne J. Johnson, CMO, Consumers Credit Union. Thank you, Lynne! It's Friday, and for many of us that means pay day.  Time to jump up and down with joy, right? For some, pay day is another day to Read More


Boo! The 5 Scariest Purchases You will Ever Make!

Halloween is right around the corner, and while the ghosts and ghouls hanging from the trees in your neighborhood may spook the kids, we know what freaks you out; big-ticket purchases. What scares people when making these decisions is the fear that Read More

Share These Halloween Safety Tips With Your Kids

Tonight's the night for trick-or-treating. What will you be this Halloween? Consumers wants you to be safe! Here are a few safety tips for trick-or-treating: Carry a flashlight. Wear a reflector on your clothing so cars can see you when it Read More

Halloween Hoopla: What’s the Cost?

This Halloween, will you dress as the venerable witch or traditional ghost? Or, maybe you’re more of a Count Dracula or Frankenstein-type. Candy, costumes, and décor...no matter your preference, Halloween gets pricier every year – to the tune of Read More