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NEW Online Banking: View Your Credit Card

  Do you have a Consumers Credit Card? You will need to do a one-time email verification in order to be able to see your Consumers Credit Card listed in your Accounts Section of the home screen in online banking. Check out our easy how-to guide Read More

5 Reasons to Transfer Your Credit Card Balances

  Whether you are still paying for your last vacation, or paying off all those holiday gifts, a great low credit card rate is imperative to getting the balance paid off Below are 5 reasons why taking advantage of Consumers Credit Read More

Home Depot Announces Potential Card Security Breach

The latest update from Home Depot as of 9/18/2014: As of 9/18, Home Depot came out with a press release that stated approximately 56 million cards were compromised during the time frame of April 2014 - September 2nd, 2014. If you used your Read More

Get Credit Smart with Consumers

If you want to stand on your own when building credit or have been turned down and need some credit repair, Consumers Credit Smart can help! Our new program helps you build payment history to begin establishing or repairing your credit. Upon Read More

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Should I Get a Credit Card?

"Credit cards. You may have the belief they can tempt you to overspend and hurt your credit," says Tim Kosak, Consumer Lending Manager at Consumers Credit Union. But "when managed properly, credit cards are actually beneficial for your finances." Read More

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How Do I Pay Off Credit Card Debt?

What should you do if you accumulated credit card debt in your past? You may be feeling stuck. "You can pay it off," says Tim Kosak, Consumer Lending Manager at Consumers Credit Union. "Don't be afraid to ask questions and learn if consolidation Read More

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Understanding Debit Card Holds

Debit card holds are one of our most asked about topics. "A hold shows that you ran your card for a transaction that hasn't yet posted to the account. Often this is the same amount as your transaction, but sometimes it isn't," shares Tim Kosak, Read More

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How Do I Manage My Credit Card?

"Properly managing your credit card is essential to building your credit history and staying within your budget," says Tim Kosak, Consumer Lending Manager at Consumers Credit Union. But how do you do it? Listen for tips from our own successful Read More