Dec 16 2013

Store Credit Card Debt Turns a Silent Night into a Sleepless Night

Credit Card It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday hustle and bustle and go overboard on spending—especially when your favorite stores give you special offers for opening their credit cards.

Once the seasonal cheer has worn off, though, store credit card debt can turn a silent night into a sleepless night.

Here are our three favorite tips for choosing the correct credit card for you:

1. Don’t choose your card solely based on the sales pitch at the cash register.

Before signing up for a new credit card, read the fine print and do your research.

2. Compare interest rates and fees.

Most store cards charge rates that are double that of the cards you can get from your credit union. Unless you’re paying off the full balance each month, the special offers you get with the card probably aren’t saving you any money.

3. Consider an alternative to store credit cards.

Consumers offers credit cards with great rates to save you money. You even have the option of earning rewards points on your purchases.

For more information on our credit cards click here, stop by any of our offices, or give us a call at 800.991.2221. We’re here to help you reduce the financial stress of the holiday shopping season.


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