Apr 16 2013

Stand Up for Yourself


Week 6 of Girls on the Run

Teaching the girls skills to help them stand up for themselves and what they believe was the focus of this week’s lesson. At the beginning of practice, the girls participated in a team building exercise that required them to pass a tennis ball using only their elbows and then their chins, which can be a pretty challenging task if you think about it. During the exercise, a girl from each of the two teams was asked to be the “negative Nancy”. I heard comments like “I suck at this”, “I can’t do this”, and “I quit”. It was interesting to hear some encouraging responses from a few girls but many remained pretty quiet.

Next, the girls practiced some assertiveness statements to help them talk to someone who may be bothering them. We talked about using the “I feel…when you…because…I need you to…” approach. This approach helps them remember to talk about how they are feeling in difficult situations, rather than pointing the blame at someone else.

The “negative Nancy’s” were announced and we talked about how we could have handled that situation better.

What a great reminder for us all to not point the finger, but still stand up for what we believe.

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