Feb 7 2014

Sharing Your Stories: A Peek Behind the Scenes

When a member of our Consumers Family shares a success story with us, it makes our day. We’re here to cheer you on as you work toward your goals, whatever they are—saving for a down payment on your dream house, paying off your debt, planning for your future. Each year we look forward to our member testimonial shoot because we get to devote a full day or two just to listen to your stories and celebrate your success.

This year was no exception. In the past, we’ve interviewed members on camera in our offices. This year, participants joined us at a studio in Grand Rapids, braving the snowy weather to make the trip. The crew from MotionPossible took over from there, guiding participants through a big group shoot, as well as individual interviews.

Watch our video to see who you recognize! And keep an eye on our blog, newsletters, and YouTube channel for individual stories throughout the year.

Some behind the scenes pictures from the shoot….

Testimonial ShootWe want to hear your story! Send an email to Success@ConsumersCU.org. If you’d like to join our testimonial group next year, let us know that, too.

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