May 29 2012

Save on Summer Vacation Plans…

Summer vacation doesn’t have to break the bank (or in this case, credit union.) Whether it’s just you, you and your spouse, or the entire family, there are plenty of ways to be frugal without compromising fun.

•           Switch houses: Does your cousin live in California and you’re here in Michigan? Swap houses for a week’s vacation in the other’s city. You’ll save a bundle on hotel costs and enjoy the added benefit of it feeling like home.

•          Pool expenses: Renting a large multi-family dwelling is often much more affordable than each family renting separately. Save even more money by taking turns with preparing meals instead of eating out.

•           Don’t Wait: Many people like to vacation during July and August, but if you have kids that get out of school in June, go early. Peak prices usually take effect the week right before Independence Day.

•           Vacation in your own hometown: Many families never take the time to be a visitor in their own town. You can really pretend by actually staying in a hotel or motel in town, and you’ll still be saving without having to pay for airfare. But, plan the time properly. Don’t just wing it because you’ll likely be caught doing what you are familiar with or in a tourist trap.

Before your week, visit your town’s tourism website, talk to the Chamber of Commerce or Visitor’s Bureau, or chat up a hotel concierge. There are probably many attractions you never knew about and discounts and coupons to accompany them.

Here’s also a list of beautiful and reasonably priced attractions that many people in Michigan have yet to discover:

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It’s always sensible, too, to set up a special vacation savings account at Consumers which will make the spending a little easier every summer. Call us and we can help at 800.991.2221.

Source: PSB, our valued partner.

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