Jul 31 2012

Safe Driving For Every Season at SaferCar.gov

Buying a highly rated safe car is not the only way to stay safe driving and operating your vehicle.

SaferCar.gov is a comprehensive consumer website that keeps you informed on vehicle recalls and safety issues, concerns related to children and child car seats, and tips and ideas on ensuring your teenager or aging relative is safe in the driver’s seat. In addition to informational articles on various safety subjects, the site offers resources on where to register your vehicle warranties and how to sign up for email or text alerts for breaking news.

And you can always find the latest Government 5-Star Safety Ratings and vehicle safety information on the website. This was recently posted on SaferCar.gov:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducts safety tests to determine how well new vehicles protect drivers and passengers during a crash, how well vehicles resist rollovers, and whether vehicles are equipped with technology that can help avoid crashes altogether.

Each year, NHTSA tests new passenger cars, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and vans, as well as models that were previously rated but have undergone major design changes or include new advanced safety features. These vehicles are then rated using the 5-Star Safety Ratings system.

Five stars indicate the highest safety rating and one star the lowest. Although it is impossible to determine how well vehicles protect drivers and passengers in all types of crashes, star ratings are a useful way to compare the relative safety of different vehicles.

Visit today and share the website with all the drivers in your family. www.SaferCar.gov

 Sources: Safercar.gov and our valued partner, PSB.

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