Jun 19 2013

Remembering Dan Crandall, “Always Ready for a Smile”

Dan at our very first ribbon cutting and our most recent.

Dan at our very first ribbon cutting and our most recent.

It is with great sorrow that we say goodbye to our devoted board member Dan Crandall, who passed away last night. We are blessed to have experienced his personal touch as a leader and volunteer director on our board.

Dan was born in Battle Creek and lived in the area all his life. A Vietnam Vet, he also worked in skilled trades, truck driving, and at Consumers Energy. Most recently, he was an enforcement officer for the Township of Comstock.

First joining our board in 1983, Dan enjoyed being a voice for our members. He was passionate about bringing new experiences to our members and played an instrumental role in the opening of our Lakeshore region offices, including our first office in South Haven to serve members working in the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant.

Our Gull Road office will forever be known as Dan’s office, because he drove the charge in serving members there.

Dan Crandall - 30 Years of Service

Thirty Years of Memories

“When you work with someone for over 30 years, the memories of their touch on your life are too many to highlight,” says CEO Kit Snyder. “I’ll miss his humor the most. I once came into a board meeting with an 18 inch trophy for a paddle ball win. The next meeting, Dan walked in with his 5 foot tall black belt trophy. (Dan taught karate for 25 years.)  Before reality TV shows like ‘Punked’ came into play, Dan ‘punked’ me the best with a 2 am ‘Help, I need bail money’ call while on a retreat with the board. I can still hear the board’s laughter as I stammered with how to reply.”

Dan was always ready for a smile and to serve our members. He is already missed, yet his legacy will continue daily through the member servant attitude he instilled in all of us at Consumers. We send our condolences to his wife, Suzanne, and their daughter.

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