Mar 7 2013

Plug in Your Positive Cord


Yesterday marks my third year of assistant coaching the fabulous Girls on the Run program. Fourteen loud and very excited third through fifth grade girls filled the room, a hand full I already knew from years previous.

Our lesson began with having the girls all close their eyes and imagining detaching the “negative cord” and plugging in the “positive cord” followed by some open discussion about what a positive girl acts and looks like. The girls really enjoyed taking over the gym and getting in some playtime. For each lap they completed, whether walking or running, or doing the bear crawl (whatever came to mind as long as they kept moving), they would write down something or someone they could turn to when they were in a negative state and were in need of a positive uplift.

Friends, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, my dog, my room, and the candy closet were just a few that made the very long list…

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