Jun 9 2014

PLAY with Extra Cash This Summer!

PLAY with Extra CashKeep your cash for summer fun in the sun! Members with qualifying loans can skip one monthly loan payment per loan in June, July, or August. Use the cash to get caught up with bills or fund your summer vacation!

To initiate your skip, log into Online Banking and select “Skip a Loan Payment” under the “Accounts” tab or give us a call at 800.991.2221.

If your loan is scheduled for automatic payments, please submit your skip request at least 7 days prior to the payment date. Skips will be processed approximately two weeks prior to your payment due date.

For payments of less than $500, the fee to skip a payment is $35; for payments of $500 or greater, the fee is $50.

*Deferment of payment will extend the life of the loan and may cause an increase in the final payment amount. Offer only available on CONSUMER vehicle or RV loans currently financed with Consumers Credit Union with a maximum of six extensions allowed during the term of the loan, and no prior extensions within the last 3 months. Loans must be current and all accounts in good standing. If your auto loan has GAP insurance, please contact your insurance carrier to determine how a Skip-a-Payment may affect your coverage. Offer subject to approval and does not apply to the first payment of any loan.The fee to skip a payment is $35 for loan payments less than $500; the fee is $50 for loan payments greater than $500.

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