Dec 18 2012

Out and About? Don’t Forget Our Network of Free ATMs

Co-Op ATM NetworkThe holiday season often entails a lot of shopping and traveling. Don’t add to the expenses by paying unnecessary ATM fees. As a Consumers Credit Union member, you have access to 28,000 free ATMs throughout the United States through our ATM Co-Op.

If you see the Co-Op logo on an ATM (notice it matches the logo on the back of your debit card), your transaction will be free of charge!

Not sure where to find the Co-Op ATM nearest you? Simply text your location (address or intersection with city and state, or your zip code) to MYCOOP (692667), and you’ll receive a reply back in 30 seconds with the closest free ATM. This service is free; only your standard text message rates apply.

You can also download the iPhone app “CO-OP ATM” from the Apple App Store, visit the Co-Op website for a list of locations, or click here to download the Co-Op database to your GPS device.

Consumers also has 19 ATM locations of our own around west Michigan. To see those locations, visit our website.

Happy holidays!

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