Jan 7 2012

Looking Out For You

Looking Out For You: Debit & Credit Card Protection . . . 

Call us if you plan to travel or make a special purchase with your credit or debit card. We continue to strengthen all facets of our debit and credit card security to provide the greatest level of protection on your card transactions. Our multifaceted system for monitoring transactions enables us to decline possible fraudulent activity BEFORE it can disrupt your account.

The system works by identifying transactions outside your normal purchasing pattern – for instance, expensive, unusual, or out-of-state purchases. We also use a process called Name Matching” to verify transactions. If a name is sent with an authorization attempt it’s immediately compared to the name(s) on the account with our card processor. If the names do not match, the transaction will decline.

Important: If you have a transaction decline inadvertently, simply call the number on the back of your debit card for immediate resolution. Or, if you plan on traveling out-of-state or abroad, call us before you leave and we’ll accommodate your specific request.

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