Jul 23 2012

Free Notary Service: Just For Our Members!

Complimentary Notary Service at All Consumers Offices

By Brittany Verner

Each Consumers office has at least one employee certified as a notary. A notary’s job is to verify signatures on documents needing to be notarized. This could be a will, sports camp form, purchase of home papers, marriage licenses, birth certificates, death certificates, construction documents for commercial businesses, or any other document that needs notarized.

Glenna Kane, Senior MSR and notary at the Consumers Stadium Drive office, shares her experience with notary service, “I think this is a great service that Consumers provides. I see people come in who need anything from a soccer camp form notarized to the closing papers for a house in another state. The best part about notarizing documents is knowing you’ve helped someone legalize something life-changing like a marriage certificate.”

The notary service is a complimentary service, available to members only. In order to get a document notarized, members need to bring in their driver’s license or passport as proof of identification along with the document needing to be notarized. Remember: DO NOT SIGN the document before bringing it in to get notarized.

Please call ahead to ensure the notary at your office is available at the time you need documents notarized.

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