Oct 2 2012

I’m in Partnership with Consumers

Everybody knows my name, and I know theirs…

Peter S. joined Consumers in 2008 – taking advantage of our personalized, small business solutions to establish his business. “I came into Consumers with the concept of building my business through my savings program – my 401(k).”

Peter had been to numerous banks looking for support, but none seemed willing or able to help. Consumers listened and worked with Peter to overcome a number of initial obstacles while our expert on 401(k) planning stepped in to assist. Together, we supported Peter’s efforts, and after discovering his unique needs, a solution was devised and his small business born.

“Consumers was interested in what I was trying to do,” adds Peter. “They knew and understood the little things that made a difference to me. They listened and helped.” Eventually Peter brought his other business to the credit union – mostly because of the service experience but also for the range of products available. He elaborates about the bond he formed with his representative and the 9th Street Office, the quality of service, and the quick response he receives to any inquiry.

“The service is what drew me,” concludes Peter. “Consumers has a better understanding of what people are about – including my needs as a person and small businesses owner. It’s a partnership – they’re looking after me and my interests.”

Peter S. ~ Joined 2008

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