Nov 1 2012

I wouldn’t change for the world…Wanda C., Joined 1986

Wanda, her six children, and business are all members of Consumers Credit Union. She was introduced to the credit union in 1986 by our CEO, Kit Snyder, who encouraged her to look at the benefits and compare our savings and service to that of her bank. Kit also stressed the importance of extending credit union services to her growing staff – as a unique employee benefit.

Wanda took his advice, opened her own accounts and those for her business…and eventually offered the benefit of membership to her staff. She hasn’t looked back since. Now, 26 years later, she reflects on her decision to join Consumers – whether for personal or business needs, or as a benefit to staff, Wanda has been delighted with all aspects of her membership.

“I’m a happy customer and that’s what you need to have for a good business…happy customers,” states Wanda. “At most places you’re just a number; at the credit union it’s more personal.”

Wanda delves further into her long-running relationship with Consumers. “It just flows better,” she adds with a smile. And perhaps flow is exactly the right word. With a thriving water softening and filtration business, Canney’s Water Conditioning Inc., her employees enjoy a multitude of services through Consumers, “We’ve had some new staff and sometimes bumps occur; when they do, I know they’ll be taken care of.”

Happy with a complete banking relationship, if Wanda does get a call from another institution asking her to switch, she says no way…“I wouldn’t change for the world.”– Wanda C., Joined 1986

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