Oct 3 2013

I Would Recommend It to Everyone

Kim R., joined 2010

Kim R., joined 2010

Family is the most important part of Kim’s life, so it’s not surprising that when she opened her first account with Consumers, the rest of the family followed. “I have four children, and they each have an account. My older son actually had his house refinanced. When we were here, they mentioned that they could probably save him money, and they helped him refinance.”

In addition to the family’s personal accounts, Kim and her husband transferred their business accounts to Consumers. They’ve owned their greenhouse for 26 years. Kim says, “With our old bank, we were getting fees that were just eating up our whole profit. Here, my free checking is totally free.”

Kim has total trust in Consumers. “On a scale from 1-10, it would probably be 100.” That’s why she’s referred friends to Consumers as well. “I would recommend it to everybody,” she says.

One of Kim’s favorite parts of banking with Consumers? “It’s personal. I don’t know how they remember everybody’s name and everybody’s circumstances, but they’re really good.”

As Kim says, “It’s like an extension of family. We’re a tight-knit family, and I feel like Consumers is a part of that, too.”

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