Aug 5 2013

I Got My First Car Loan—I’ve Been a Member Ever Since!

Jillian G., joined 1991

Jillian G., joined 1991

Member Jillian G. says she and her kids are “a Consumers family.” “My first account was when I was 7,” she explains. “Then right out of high school, I got my first car loan ever. I’ve been a member ever since.”

While Jillian was initially drawn to Consumers for our auto loans, she stayed for the relationships she built with our staff. She says, “They’re looking out for me. It’s genuine, and it’s refreshing—like having a conversation with a friend.”

“With the intimate feel of an established relationship, you also get all the benefits of a bigger bank,” she adds. Jillian relies on Online Banking and text alerts to keep up with her accounts and is teaching her children how to manage their money as well.

At 19 and 10, her children have completely different financial needs at the moment, but Consumers offers options for each of them. “My son was quite excited,” Jillian notes. “We took down his piggy bank full of money, and it was a milestone for him to have his own account. It was pretty cool.”

To learn more about Consumers’ auto loans, visit us online at, call 800.991.2221, or stop by the nearest office to meet with a member service representative in person. We’re here for you.

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