Sep 25 2013

I Feel Like I’m Number One

Jacob MJacob M., who joined Consumers in 2006, is into saving. He has multiple special savings accounts, which he descirbes as, “like an envelope system that happens naturally. I have savings for emergency funds, vacation, tuition, car repairs, all divided up.”

For Jacob, it’s all about having peace of mind when it comes to his finances, and he knows you can’t find that just anywhere. “We’re not taught at a very early age how to manage money,” he says. “I believe the credit union does a great job of promoting advice and financial classes.”

Even his checking account helps him save money. “I don’t pay anything for it,” he says. “And as a member, you get local discounts.”

But banking with Consumers provides more than just savings. “What’s the point of having an account somewhere I’m not number one? I think that the biggest thing about being here is that I feel like I’m number one. I feel like they look out for me.”

At Consumers, he adds, “You become family.”

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