May 14 2012

Housing Questions? Turn To Us And Accel…

Are you looking for advice on purchasing a home, default issues, foreclosure avoidance, or reverse mortgages? Accel’s housing counseling services can help you. Since Consumers Credit Union is partnered with Accel, all of these services are free to you! Accel counselors are HUD-approved, knowledgeable and extremely helpful in assisting you with a variety of housing counseling services, including:

Mortgage Default and Delinquency Housing Counseling

If you are behind on your mortgage payments, Accel’s certified housing counselors can help you get back on track. They can help you to establish a budget, set priorities, and determine strategies for saving your home.

First-Time  Home Buyer Counseling

Accel can help you prepare for buying your first home. They will help educate you on the home buying process and prepare you for the requirements and responsibilities of home ownership.

Reverse Mortgage Housing Counseling

Available for homeowners over the age of 62, reverse mortgages use your home’s equity to increase monthly income. You need to know the pros and cons. During your housing counseling session, Accel’s certified housing counseling experts will explain reverse mortgages, analyze your situation, and help you determine if it is an option you should consider.

Home Equity Loan Housing Counseling

Home equity loans can look quite enticing when you are searching for a way to pay down your debt. Accel housing counseling can help you determine if a home equity loan is the best solution for your personal situation. If it is, their housing counselors can provide valuable information to help ensure that you don’t run into a similar predicament in the future.

To speak with an Accel housing counselor, call 877- 33ACCEL or visit their website at

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