Oct 11 2012

Halloween Hoopla: What’s the Cost?

This Halloween, will you dress as the venerable witch or traditional ghost? Or, maybe you’re more of a Count Dracula or Frankenstein-type. Candy, costumes, and décor…no matter your preference, Halloween gets pricier every year – to the tune of billions of dollars spent annually. According to Nielsen surveys, Halloween candy sales alone are projected to reach $1.9 billion this year. That’s a lot of Snickers.

What is the typical cost for a family’s Halloween? And where can you cut some corners to save? Consider these stats from yahoo.com:

  • A family with children under age 18 in the home will spend upwards of $54 this year.
  • Families without kids at home spend less – only $32 on average.
  • Rural families tend to spend more than their metro counterparts.
  • Men usually spend more than women.

To make the costs of a Happy Halloween not quite so scary, take notice of a few savings tips:

  • For costumes, shop early and look for online deals. Look for the classics that can be passed on to younger siblings. Sustainability works for Halloween too; look for items you can reuse. Or consider exchanging costumes with a neighbor or friend.
  • For candy, buy in bulk; avoid dollar stores but try the larger retailers instead where you can buy in quantity, like Target, Walmart, or Sam’s Club. Consider buying generic. And, when the doorbell rings on October 31, hand the candy out yourself – meaning don’t let little hands make their own selection (often by the handful) out of your candy cauldron.
  • For decorations, get creative and make your own…or save by shopping online. An even better bet? Plan ahead…as early as November 1 for the following year if you can. In the week following Halloween, you can find bargains up to 75% off on an array of décor and costumes.

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