Mar 14 2013

Guilty of Negative Self Talk

GOTR2Week 2 of Girls on the Run and yesterday we chatted about negative self talk.

After going around the circle and hearing each young girl say one negative thing they might say about themselves, it made you really think about how often we all get caught in these moments even as adults. We’ve all stood looking at ourselves in the mirror and judged ourselves negatively. It’s such an easy thing to do.

After giving the negative thoughts to “no nonsense nelly” aka a bedazzled box at the end of the tunnel of girls, we quickly turned the mood positive. Each girl wrote down two positive things they could say to themselves next. We put them all together and took them out in the hallway. For each lap the girls completed, they would trade their card for a new one to think about while they ran.

I enjoyed handing them each out and telling each girl “you are beautiful”, “you’re so smart”, “you’re awesome”, “you’re unique”, “you’re a great runner”, “you have the best freckles”…

They each took two positive cards home to think about until next week.

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