Jun 6 2013

Great Rates and Local Flair

Angie M. & Family, joined 2011

Angie M. & Family, joined 2011

Member Angie M. joined Consumers because of our auto loan rates and the ease of getting her new car loan approved. But that’s not the only reason she and her family have chosen to do their banking here. She says, “They have the same amenities that a larger bank might have, but it’s that personal touch and local flair that makes it an appealing option.”

Angie describes her car buying experience: “We were in the market for a car, and a friend of ours who works at Consumers recommended we look at those interest rates. I think it was within a day and a half that we had a check and an approval and were ready to buy the car.”

Angie, her husband, Aaron, and their two young daughters also love Consumers’ family-friendly service. There’s always a play area for the kids when they visit an office, and it’s fun for the girls to have savings accounts in their names. “They’re always treated like little people with lots of interests when they come into a office,” says Angie. “And they earn a substantially higher amount of interest on their accounts.”

She adds, “It’s always nice to be able to talk to somebody face-to-face. With so many offices, it’s not hard to find one when you need one.”

To learn more about Consumers’ auto loans, visit us online at ConsumersCU.org/Loans/Vehicle, call 800.991.2221, or stop by one of our 14 locations throughout West Michigan to meet in person. We appreciate those face-to-face meetings as much as our members do.

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