Aug 21 2013

Get Your Statement Earlier with eStatements!

eStatements Logo, vector v2With eStatements, there is no risk of your statement being lost in the mail, as you’ll receive a monthly email notice letting you know it’s ready for you in Online Banking.

In addition to saving you the time you’d otherwise spend waiting on the postman, signing up for eStatements is good for the environment. By saving paper, postage, and delivery costs, you reduce your carbon footprint and use of resources, including petroleum for fuel. Though on an individual level this may seem small, the more members switch to eStatements, the more we can positively impact the environment here at home and globally.

Put into tangible terms—each month our paper statements use 10 to 15 trees worth of paper. To print all the statements we do in a year takes around 220 trees!

eStatements are safe, secure, and convenient—and now sign up is even easier! Ready to start receiving immediate notification when your next account and credit card statements are available and help us conserve resources while you’re at it?

Click here to get started. Simply enter your member number, the last 4 digits of your social security or tax identification number, and your email address for verification. Then review and accept the Terms and Conditions, click “Enroll,” and you’re all set!

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 4.58.41 PMYour monthly statement notification will be sent to the email address we currently have on file. If you need to add or change your email address, you can do so in Online Banking, by calling us at 800.991.2221, or by stopping into any of our convenient locations.


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