May 6 2013

Consumers Went to Bat for Me!

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Sharon A., joined 1993

Member Sharon A. describes banking with Consumers as fun. Even the process of getting a mortgage, which many people dread, left her with a fun feeling. That’s because, as she says, “Consumers tried to help. They went to bat for me to get me that mortgage. I really give them credit for that.”

When Sharon purchased her new home, she still owned the old one. She says, “When I went to a bank they told me, ‘We don’t do bridge loans, can’t do it.’” So she came to Consumers—and says the process was simple.

“I came in, and we started working with it. They worked me through to where we can pay very little on the new mortgage until we sell the other house. The bank wasn’t even going to deal with me!”

Sharon’s favorite part about banking with Consumers? “Everybody’s friendly. Here, there’s somebody who knows me. I like the atmosphere and the people who work here.” She adds, “They’re knowledgeable. I’ve never asked a question and not gotten an answer.”

If you, like Sharon, have a question about your finances, ask us! We thrive on sharing the tips and services that help you make your money work for you.

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