Jul 8 2013

Consumers Credit Union: A Family Tradition

Sarah and Cole H., joined 2001

Sarah and Cole H., joined 2001

“I’ve pretty much been coming here my whole life,” says Sarah H. “I know my mom has been here for over 30 years. I remember coming here when I was in kindergarten and first grade and always getting the suckers.” Her brother, Cole, agrees.

Banking with Consumers has become more than a family tradition. It has also sparked family conversations about finances. “We sat down with our parents a few weeks ago, and we discussed how we’re going to save for college. Of course we want a scholarship, but we’re still going to have to start to save,” says Sarah.

Cole describes having a savings account with Consumers as “a safe haven for money.” Sarah says, “I think it’s really cool. A lot of kids don’t have that. And everyone’s really friendly here.”

This summer, start planning for your children’s futures by opening their first bank accounts with Consumers. Every member of your family is part of our family. Learn more at ConsumersCU.org/Banking/YouthAccounts.

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