May 2 2013

Choose Wisely


Week 7 & 8 of Girls on the Run

Last week we explored the qualities to look for in our friends. We also identified some difficult situations that many young girls face within friendships and why it is important to be intentional about our friendships. Several girls said they would rather have honest, happy, and caring friends even if that means not being part of the “popular” group. What a road they have ahead of them. Sure to be full of crossroads where they will have to make decisions on their own dealing with this difficult topic.

This week we discussed being aware of the negative ways media portrays girls and women. Together, we developed critical thinking skills to use when viewing an advertisement or media image. After glancing at a magazine ad for a shampoo brand, many girls agreed that using their product does not mean they would turn out looking like the beautiful, nicely polished lady in the photo.

We broke off into groups as well and looked at some healthy and some unhealthy images of women and they had a chance to share how the pictures made them feel. One group even said they wanted to write the company and tell them how they felt.

It’s crazy how many images I’ve observed in just the last 18 hours since that discussion that made me stop and think about this theme.

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