10 Ways to Save $100 During America Saves Week

Here at Consumers, we're participating in America Saves Week by bringing you great savings tips from around the web. This post is courtesy of Meg Favreau, Senior Editor of the personal finance blog Wise Bread. Money is like a cake. When you get Read More

New Job? Maximize Your Savings

Starting a new job is the perfect time to reevaluate your savings. It might seem that the change in paycheck is the factor most likely to impact your financial life, but that’s not all that you should be taking into account. Read on for our tips to Read More

How to Save for an Emergency Fund

Emergencies are never expected, but they do happen. In order to prepare financially, we recommend that you have a separate emergency savings fund. A general recommendation is to save enough money to cover three to six months living expenses, which Read More

Consumers Tops the Michigan Rate Charts

Last week, DepositAccounts.com featured our new Thank You CDs, highlighting their great interest rate. Patrick Russo with DepositAccounts.com explains how those rates compare with nationwide trends for deposit rates: "At a time when certificate of Read More