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Tips to Get the Most Value from Your Tax Refund

America Saves Week is coming up February 24 through March 1. To get us thinking about saving, Katie Bryan, Communications Manager with America Saves, shares some tips for using your tax refund to set the foundation for your savings efforts. Still Read More

Jacob M

I Feel Like I’m Number One

Jacob M., who joined Consumers in 2006, is into saving. He has multiple special savings accounts, which he descirbes as, "like an envelope system that happens naturally. I have savings for emergency funds, vacation, tuition, car repairs, all divided Read More

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Why You Should Save Money in Times of Prosperity

Recently, featured our Homerun Rates 60 month CD, to highlight the benefit of the penalty-free withdrawal option as CD rates begin to rise. These rising rates should encourage those looking to rebuild savings from the recent Read More

Savings Bonds

How Do I Order Savings Bonds?

Since ordering savings bonds from the U.S. Department of the Treasury went digital in 2012, we’ve received many questions from members on the new ordering process. Prior to this conversion process, members were able to order savings bonds at Read More

Set a Goal. Make a Plan. Save Automatically.

Here at Consumers, we're participating in America Saves Week by bringing you great savings tips from around the web. This article is courtesy of Katie Bryan, America Saves Communications Manager. The theme for America Saves Week 2013 is more Read More