Back to School Shopping: Budget Saving and Style!

Back to school is a busy time for our member families. The excitement of getting a new teacher or learning if you have class with a best friend probably occupy the thoughts of your elementary students more than you know. For some (including parents), Read More

Top Tools to Take to College (Hint: Keep Your Cash!)

If your student hasn’t handled their personal finances before, now’s the time to help educate them on what it’s like to live in the real world. Consumers has a number of available budgeting tools, which interact with our Online Banking system, to Read More


Gulp! Don’t let college expenses get you down!

College can be expensive for sure. The latest Consumers infographic just scratches the surface of higher education costs here in Michigan. What are not included are expenses associated with transportation, parking, laundry, toiletries, mobile Read More

Last Chance to Skip A Payment!

Take a break from your loan payments! Members with qualifying loans can skip one monthly loan payment per loan through the end of August. Use the cash to get caught up with bills or fund your summer vacation! To initiate your skip, log into online Read More

IS Seminar - Nest Egg

Save Now or Save Later?

Most people have good intentions about saving for retirement. But few know when they should start and how much they should save.Sometimes it might seem that the expenses of today make it too difficult to start saving for tomorrow. It’s easy to think Read More

“I’ll Do It Later” — Why People Procrastinate

One in five adults admits to being a chronic procrastinator. Among college students, the number may be as high as seven in 10, which might explain those all-nighters.1 In the “real world,” you can’t always cram for finals. Procrastination can have Read More