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Do It Yourself! Pay Your Mortgage Down Faster!

Thank you to John Murphy, our V.P. of Mortgages, for being our guest blogger today! Mortgage payments are due on the 1st of every month , right? And after 360 regular monthly payments, or 30 years, you get the deed to your home with no mortgage Read More

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Save Now or Save Later?

Most people have good intentions about saving for retirement. But few know when they should start and how much they should save.Sometimes it might seem that the expenses of today make it too difficult to start saving for tomorrow. It’s easy to think Read More

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What is the Buzz on Mortgage Rates?

 Thank you to our V.P of Mortgages, John Murphy, as today's guest blogger!  Current low interest rates are a boon to homeowners and prospective homebuyers alike. Even the so-called "experts" have been fooled the past few months as rates have been on Read More

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Switching is Easy with ClickSWITCH!

Changing financial institutions can be a daunting task: you might have your direct deposit coming in, automatic payments going out, and to top it all off, you have to formally request to close your old account(s) … but what if it could all be done in Read More

“I’ll Do It Later” — Why People Procrastinate

One in five adults admits to being a chronic procrastinator. Among college students, the number may be as high as seven in 10, which might explain those all-nighters.1 In the “real world,” you can’t always cram for finals. Procrastination can have Read More

Stress Less at Tax Time.

April 15 is just around the corner,  take control of your tax situation and save time and frustration. By being prepared you’ll have time to request copies of missing documents; avoid the last minute rush; and, if you’re getting a refund, probably Read More

NEW Online Banking: View Your Investments!

Do you have investment accounts set up through the Investment Services Team at Consumers Credit Union? Did you know you can view those accounts when logged into online banking? Download this easy to follow guide to learn how! Read More

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Consumers Friday Focus – Money is NOT Scary

Today's Friday Focus was written by guest blogger Lynne J. Johnson, CMO, Consumers Credit Union. Thank you, Lynne! It's Friday, and for many of us that means pay day.  Time to jump up and down with joy, right? For some, pay day is another day to Read More