Checking & Debit Cards

Home Depot Announces Potential Card Security Breach

The latest update from Home Depot as of 9/18/2014: As of 9/18, Home Depot came out with a press release that stated approximately 56 million cards were compromised during the time frame of April 2014 - September 2nd, 2014. If you used your Read More


Welcome to Consumers! New Member Guide.

Are you a new member? Welcome to Consumers Credit Union! Thank you for joining our family! How about an introduction to how Consumers can make your life easier and set you on the road to financial success? Click the Download Link button to view Read More

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Understanding Debit Card Holds

Debit card holds are one of our most asked about topics. "A hold shows that you ran your card for a transaction that hasn't yet posted to the account. Often this is the same amount as your transaction, but sometimes it isn't," shares Tim Kosak, Read More

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Debit vs. Credit

Have you ever been checking out at the store with your debit card and been given the choice of debit or credit? "Even though your debit card is not a credit card—because it's connected to your checking account—you can select either," says Tim Kosak, Read More


Congratulations, Graduates! What’s Next?

Caps, gowns, and diplomas. Pomp and Circumstance. Memories of good times with friends and classmates mingling with dreams for the future. It’s graduation season! Consumers Credit Union would like to congratulate our many members graduating from Read More