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NEW Online Banking Sneak Peek: Finance Works!

Would having an accurate picture of the actual amount of money you have to spend benefit your daily financial management? Check out the new money management tool that can help you have a better handle on your spending habits, in turn helping you to Read More

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Need a Christmas Vacation? Skip a Loan Payment

Keep some cash for some holiday fun—or a vacation once the holiday parties have passed. Members with qualifying loans can skip one monthly loan payment per loan in either November, December or January.* Use the cash for Christmas shopping, holiday Read More

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Consumers Friday Focus – Money is NOT Scary

Today's Friday Focus was written by guest blogger Lynne J. Johnson, CMO, Consumers Credit Union. Thank you, Lynne! It's Friday, and for many of us that means pay day.  Time to jump up and down with joy, right? For some, pay day is another day to Read More

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Cement Your Good Budgeting Habits

How do we make sure we continue our budgeting success once we've learned the skills? Tim Kosak, Consumer Lending Manager at Consumers Credit Union, presents tips to help maintain those new habits. “Once you make budgeting a good habit in your life,” Read More

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Family Budgeting Tips

Tim Kosak, Consumer Lending Manager at Consumers Credit Union, discusses how to budget when you’ve got a family. “Family budgeting can seem overwhelming,” he says. “It’s often home and car expenses that get you down.” Listen for tips to help you stay Read More