Mar 28 2013

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin



Week 4 of Girls on the Run

This week we discussed body image and what it means to be comfortable in your own skin. The girls partnered up to trace the outline of their bodies and then wrote some positive examples of what they thought of themselves in the inside. They each presented three and I loved the repeated words of beautiful, funny, crazy, cheerful, smart, awesome, happy, and faithful.

Sitting around the circle, we talked a little about heredity and why everyone is different. One third-grader made a great comment that we would all be like robots if we all looked and acted alike. Another girl raised her hand to state, “I have a ton of hair and my dad has none. So I must have got that from my mom.”

Next week is Spring Break but the girls were left with the question of what makes our Girls on the Run beautiful?

What makes you beautiful?

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