Dec 9 2013

Access to Your Accounts, Even from a One Horse Open Sleigh

Texting Shopper We know you’re busy this Christmas. You’ve got presents to buy, cookies to bake, and trees to trim. As you’re dashing about to check the last of your errands of your to-do list, you need quick access to your accounts.

“What’s my checking account balance?” “Did my rent check get cashed yet?” “When’s my loan payment due again?” TextBanking puts answers to these questions and more right at your fingertips.

To register your cell phone, log into Online Banking and select “TextBanking Setup” from the “Alerts & Statements” dropdown on the main menu.


Enter your cell phone number in the yellow boxes and click “Update.” You will receive a text message with your activation code, which you will enter on the TextBanking Setup page.


Then enter a nickname for each account you would like to be able to receive information on via text. Update each nickname one at a time, and do not use spaces or quotes in your nicknames. Not sure what nicknames to use? We suggest “sav” for your saving account and “ckg” for your checking.


You’re all set! Now you can text one of the following commands to 878787 to get a text back with the information you’re looking for:

bal – returns current balance of all accounts with nicknames.

bal nickname – returns current balance of specified account.

hist nickname – returns the last 3 transactions.

hist nickname x – returns x number of transactions.

pend nickname – returns any pending debit transactions.

due nickname – returns your loan payment due date and amount.

names – returns all of your account nicknames.

assist – returns a list of these commands.

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