New Transfer Capabilities Now Available in Online Banking

You’ve long relied on Online Banking to move money between your Consumers accounts, make loan payments, and pay your Consumers credit card bills. Now you can also transfer money to and from your accounts at other financial institutions, as well as transfer straight to another person or business with accounts elsewhere.

To start using this convenient new feature, you’ll simply log into Online Banking and hover over “Transfers” on the menu. Choose “To/from my other CU or bank” or “To any person” to open the enhanced transfer page.

There is no fee to send money to another person or to transfer money from your accounts elsewhere to your Consumers account. There is a small fee of $3 for outgoing transfers to another institution.

The first time you open this new feature, you’ll be asked to complete the instructions in the Quick Start guide along the right side of the page. Then you’ll be ready to start transferring! Watch the video below to see how easy it is to get started.

ConnectU with Consumers on white

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