Consumers CU Room Redo Winners Announced!

Raina S. accepting her winnings at our Stadium Office

Raina S. accepting her winnings at our Stadium Office

Thank you to the many pinners who participated in our Consumers CU Room Redo Pinterest Contest! We loved watching your photos go up on Pinterest and seeing your vision for home improvements.

We’re pleased to announce our winners!

Raina S. – $1,000

Raina and her husband are first-time homebuyers who purchased a HUD house in Kalamazoo and are doing their best to give their fixer-upper the love it deserves. They plan to use the prize money to convert the old kitchen into a downstairs bathroom. View her Consumers CU Room Redo board here. We look forward to seeing the finished results!

Heather C. – $500

Heather and her family would like to update their kitchen. Their plans include refinishing the cupboards, improving the counter space, and removing the wallpaper border. See Heather’s Consumers Room Redo board here.

The "Before" Photos

The “Before” Photos

David B. – $250

David’s goal is to redo his basement, which is currently unfinished with space for weight lifting, TV watching, and storage. You can see David’s Consumers CU Room Redo board here.

Looking for ideas for your own room redo? Check out the many ideas generated by our contest entries on Pinterest—and if you’d like to learn how a home equity loan or line of credit could help make your dream a reality, call us at 800.991.2221, stop in to any Consumers Credit Union office, or visit


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