An Easy Transition

Ryan B., joined 2011

Ryan B., joined 2011

When Ryan B. approached Consumers about his business accounts, he was looking for a certain level of service to simplify the transition. He says, “When we started, they sat down with us, they walked us through everything we needed to have in one place, to put all our accounting and banking needs in one spot.” With his business partner living in Kansas City, having multiple ways to access their accounts is just as important as face-to-face service.

“With Online Banking, we’ve been able to seamlessly and quickly take care of things online in a fashion that just works. We both have access to the accounts, so we both can make deposits via ATMs. We can make payments online. We can have phone conversations,” he says, adding, “There are so many vehicles for service that we get here at Consumers as opposed to other places.”

To learn how Online Banking can make managing your business accounts easier, visit or call us at 800.991.2221.

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