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Rick O.

Rick O., joined 2011

Get a head start on paying off your summer purchases with a credit card balance transfer! Now through October 31, take advantage of a special balance transfer rate of 0.99% APR* for the first 6 billing cycles. After that, your APR (8.99% – 22.99% based on creditworthiness) will apply to any unpaid balances.

Don’t have a credit card at Consumers? Apply today, transfer your balances, and enjoy the savings. You won’t even pay a balance transfer fee. Call 800.991.2221 or stop in to get started. For more information, visit

*0.99% APR is available for balance transfers made August 1, 2013, through October 31, 2013. Convenience checks and balance transfers will be processed as cash transactions and will incur finance charges immediately. The minimum payment will be applied to the lowest rate balances first, while all payments exceeding the minimum payment due each billing period will be applied to balances with high APRs prior to balances with low APRs. Current Consumers credit card balances not eligible for the promotion. Rewards points not awarded for transferred balances. All loans subject to approval. Rates, fees, and terms subject to change and may be terminated at any time. For more details please refer to the credit card agreement accompanying your card.

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