How Do I? TextBanking

Girl with phone How do I? Those three little words speak volumes to us. We want to know what questions you have while you are banking. When you ask us questions, we try to answer them right away either personally or through Consumers ConnectU.

Here’s an example of a service we offer that you may not know about. “How do I check my account balance by texting?” Sign up online with your cell number and then use the chart below to send requests via text. Instructions at It’s a fast and efficient way to stay on top of your finances.

Text to: 878787
Nicknames: CKG for checking, SAV for savings

BAL Returns current balance of all accounts with nicknames.
BAL “Nickname” Returns current balance of specified account.
HIST “Nickname” Returns the last 3 transactions.
HIST “Nickname” X Returns X number of transactions.
PEND “Nickname” Returns any pending debit transaction.
DUE “Nickname” Returns the loan payment due date and amount.
NAMES Returns all of your account nicknames.
ASSIST Returns a list of these commands.

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