Get Some Cash For A Summer Blast!

Skip a loan payment in June, July, or August…

Summers are a blast…whether it’s combing the beach, taking that “up north” vacation, or having a backyard barbeque or campfire. Consumers Credit Union wants you to enjoy it all – that’s why we’re offering you the chance to skip a loan payment.

It’s easy! Just choose the month you’d like to skip (June, July, Or August) for ANY QUALIFYING LOAN. (Yes… it can be more than one!)

We’ve automated the skip-a-pay process, too, so you can do it 24/7, at your convenience, with no need for a coupon. Simply go online at and sign into online banking, then click on the skip-a-pay button. Or, initiate your skip with VoiceAccess by calling 800.991.2221, selecting option 2 and following the prompts.  

It takes just a couple of minutes (along with a small fee) to initiate the skip for a payment falling between June 1 and August 31. Use the cash to get caught up with bills or for your own personal summer blast:

Vacation plans and traveling | Kids’ camps or other extras

Something special just for you!

To skip a loan payment, you can either: 1) MAIL the coupon you may have received; 2) LOG into online banking and click the “skip-a-pay” button; 3) CALL VoiceAccess at 800.991.2221 and select OPTION 2, and then follow the prompts; or, 4) CALL the Member Service Center at 800.991.2221 and our team will assist you.   

Remember to take advantage of your skip-a-pay option before August 31. For automated loan payments, please allow 7 days for processing.

* Deferment of payment will extend the life of the loan and may cause an increase in the final payment amount. Offer only available on CONSUMER vehicle or RV loans currently financed with Consumers Credit Union with a maximum of six extensions allowed during the term of the loan, and no prior extensions within the last 3 months. Loans must be current and all accounts in good standing. If your auto loan has GAP insurance, please contact your insurance carrier to determine how a Skip-A-Payment may affect your coverage. Offer subject to approval and does not apply to the first payment of any loan. The fee to skip a payment is $35 for loan payments less than $500; the fee is $50 for loan payments greater than $500.

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